“The Sale of a Lifetime:
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  • Build Lifetime Wealth During The Biggest Crash Ever: What is about to unfold over the next few years will impact your life and business more than any financial crissis you’ve ever witnessed… but if you take a few simple steps, you can sidestep the destruction and profit handsomely from it. [page 4]
  • Get Rich With These Ultra-Profitable Post Crash Opportunities: When the dust settles and asset prices have hit rock bottom… you’ll have the once in a lifetime opportunity to snatch up investments for pennies on the dollar creating generational wealth. I’ll reveal six of my very best places to look for huge profits. [page 225]
  • Dodge a Crippling Blow to Your Retirement Savings By Dumping These Toxic Stocks NOW: Everyday investors are going to get wiped out when the largest bubble in history finally pops… but none of these normally defensive stocks will protect you.  You’ll want sell these IMMEDIATELY and park your money in these more secure investments instead. [page 218]
  • The 4 Horseman of the Economy: These four economic indicators dictate everything you know about the future of the markets… and they’re all pointing towards disaster! [page 116]
  • Avoid These Normally “Safe” Assets That Will Crash the Hardest: Most people assume the “safest” assets will hold up best in bubbles… but they never do. If you have any of these “safe” assets… get out now before you lose 40%-60% or more! [page 48]
  • Discover the Ultimate Economic Model That I Use to Forecast On-the-Money Predictions Decades in Advance: This just might be the most important thing you will ever learn about investing. It’s at the core of my 35 years of research… and once you understand how it works… you’ll know exactly how to uncover highly profitable investment opportunities when this bubble finally pops. [page 21/24]
  • Eurozone Crisis Ahead!: Brexit might have hogged the spotlight in the headlines… but something much scarier is brewing in Europe that’s going to be the final nail in its coffin. [page 209]
  • The Three sectors Most Vulnerable to the Upcoming Crash: What they are, how to avoid them, and profit handsomely when they recover. [page 167]
  • Urgent Alert for Business Owners!: 9 principles for surviving and dominating before during and after the crash to come. [page 232]
  • What Your House is REALLY Worth (and Why You Should Sell It Now). [page 49]
  • The number one country to invest in for super-sized returns in the years ahead (it’s not Hong Kong, China, or Brazil). [page 249]
  • Protect your wealth from getting demolished by deflation with this highly liquid and easy to purchase investment. [page 228]
  • The shocking link between the financial markets and orgasms [page 42]

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