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My name is Harry Dent. For the past 30 years, I’ve used the Science of Demographics to predict major economic and market shifts with uncanny accuracy… including the Tech Wreck of 2000…the 2000’s real estate bubble…and the market crash of 2008.

More recently, I called oil’s shocking crash, the dollar’s surprising rise and the mid-2014 gold rally followed by its dramatic collapse again toward the end of the year.
But today I’m going public with a brand-new, highly urgent prediction that could devastate the world economy and your personal wealth.

I’m releasing it as part of a special updated paperback edition of my bestselling book, The Demographic Cliff… printed specifically to deliver this vital information.
Inside this never-before- seen chapter, you’ll discover:

  • •How the biggest bubble in modern history was created… and more importantly, when this bubble will burst, igniting a spectacular display of financial loss thanks to unprecedented government interference in economic matters.
  • The ONE event that could overwhelm Central Bank policies and bring the world to its knees.
  • •One group of people’s insane, irresponsible behavior and the impact it’ll inevitably have on your wealth and lifestyle.
  • The government takeover no-one realized was happening and how it’s endangered you and all your loved ones.
  • •Why 15.7 times and 2000 metric tons are two numbers that should have you running for the hills.
  • And the ultimate urban disaster scenario that will affect 221 million people.
Today, in light of all of these urgent matters coming to a head, I’d like to send you a copy of my bestselling book The Demographic Cliff (regular retail cost: $19.95), along with the brand new updated chapter detailing this massive bubble… absolutely FREE.

In Your FREE Copy of The Demographic Cliff, You’ll Also Learn…
How to maximize cash flow from housing – even as real estate values plummet by another 35% to 40% (See page 88)
The top 10 sectors that will soar from aging baby boomers for the next decade…(see page 247)
Why the dollar is the #1 safe-haven “investment” right now.As strange as it may sound and contrary to what you have heard, the U.S. dollar is the very best currency to own and will be during the years ahead.
When you should start building or buying commercial property again…and when this market will bottom out during the next real estate crash, creating the ultimate buying opportunity.(See page 80)
Where it IS safer to buy real estate right now…the real estate bubble never got extreme in these areas. (pg. 214)

"Please forward my sincere ‘Thank You!’ to Harry for this evening’s informative presentation. In my opinion it was better than the last one! I learned more and understand more than the last webinar. To let Harry and Rodney know how much I value their information, I am already (before today’s webinar) registered for the Friday and Saturday webinars also- because I know that I will learn and retain and benefit more from repeated listenings."

M. Perine

"I really think that this is the best financial information services available on the market today. Keep up the good work!!"

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"I’ve been following you for 20ish years. I’ve been nothing but impressed. I am very thankful for your amazing research and will continue to follow your brilliance into the future. Mostly… I just want to say thanks. : ) All the best"


"I am reading your book The Great Depression Ahead,and I am simply blown away. The stimulus package being pushed by the President, the economic cycles,the graphs and charts,its like I’m reading todays paper only you have already written about it. Facinating reading. Thank You, and I’m only on page 100."


"I recently subscribed to your newsletter after reading your latest book. Purchased your CDs too. I must say I think your projections are right on. Your research and insight are wonderful. My ultra conservative brother thinks I’m nuts staying strong in cash at this time. He’s a “buy and holder” and is convinced I’m a “doom and gloomer”. I like to believe it’s thinking for myself, with a lot of help from you. Thank you for all of the thought and energy you put into your work. It is much appreciated."


"An excellent presentation by Mr. Dent on the basics of stock market technical analysis. Thank you!"


"Harry appeals to me, because he is very different (feisty and rebellious) as a market observer, and he is an astute student of history, and he always has a fascinating and direct comment on WHY the things that happen to the market, happen. "

Rick F

"I have been reading and hearing Harry Dent for 30+ years. Tell Harry that he has an admirer in Tallahassee! "

Dr. Thom P

"To Harry Dent, carry on the excellent work!"

Sam P

"Thanks for being so open with your research and taking the time to warn the average person/family on how to protect themselves in the coming years!!! "

Aaron C

"I am a big fan of your work and I thank you for being one of the few to provide honest insights on the US and global economies."

Laura T

"You are one of those rare individual who understands raising the modern family while coping with the growing insanity around us."

Lou G

"I have been following your work for a few years and for one and a half year profited from your wise recommendations."

Eric P

"Congratulation. I am pleased that somebody takes time to show the reality of the economy through the eyes of honest reporting not through the rosy eyes of politically oriented statistic."

Norm J

"I’ve been reading Harry’s most recent book on the demographic cliff. All makes sense to me. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!"

Jaime S

"You are one of the rare breed that actually makes sense when you talk."

Gerald W

"I subscribed to your letter because you articulated what I have been warning my friends and children about since ’06."

Francis H

"I’ve been following Harry Dent for about 20 years. His work has been outstanding."

Steve F

"I have just finished the Demographic cliff. Finally a book that helps to rationalize the economic state. This is one of the most influential books I have ever read."

David D

"I follow you with great loyalty, as I believe that you better than most economists are able to read the economy and forecast its direction."

Osvaldo K

"You make more sense to me than any other economist I’m aware of. You are a voice of truth and common sense."

Alfred B

"I have been following the work of Mr. Dent for many years and I credit him with getting me out of the stock market before the 2008 crash."

Bernie B

"Finally a way of looking at the market that makes sense! I am so grateful to have an ally in my fight to keep the family afloat. Thanks for all your help."

Marsha T

"I’ve prepared hard and long for my family and believe Mr. Dent has the right ideas to enable me to not only preserve what I’ve accumulated but also make it grow!"

Hugh S

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