The Truth About the U.S. Economy You Won’t Hear in the Mainstream News

Controversial economist, Harry Dent is taking it upon himself to educate the masses on what’s in store for our economy and why it’s been generations in the making.

CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal… they all seem to believe that the markets will just keep climbing higher, setting new records and never look back.

But, according to Dent, the facts are indisputable. And that’s why he’s standing by his forecast 100%.

“This overinflated, artificial bull market will NOT last forever,” he says.

“And those who realize why it won’t last, how it will crash and what to do about it now and in the months following will have a massive jump on the opportunities to build wealth that won’t just last years, but generations.”

Dent is so passionate about getting the truth out to investors and anyone who will be affected by the downturn, he’s making his recent presentation, previously available to only a small group of attendees, available to the public for FREE.

This is where he reveals the proven research methods that will show you exactly why our economy is destined for a massive reset.

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In fact, this includes the same economic indicators he’s used to accurately predict several major financial events for the last 35 year, including Japan’s lost decade, the early 2000’s bull market, the dot-com collapse, the 2008 meltdown and real estate bubble and credit crisis and oil’s price drop a couple years back.

“The ‘fake financial news’ doesn’t want this bull-run to end… and they certainly don’t want me on the air anymore to tell you why it’s inevitable,” believes Dent.

His research will show you how what Dent claims most economists don’t understand: “People, who are the most important factor in our economy.”

“Even governments only react to trends set up by people and consumers; they don’t create real economic growth and productivity themselves,” he says,

Dent is certain that what this presentation reveals about the current state of our economy and where it’s soon headed, will be crucial to the financial future of your life, family, business and investments.

“If you don’t learn this information now, you’ll not only risk losing a huge chunk of what you already have… but you’ll miss out on the profit opportunity of a lifetime thereafter. You need to learn the truth before it’s too late!”

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