The True Meaning Behind The Endless Stream of Trump Scandals

President Donald Trump is under fire from all sides again. And the liberal news media is having a field day.

First it was Stormy Daniels… then it was “Spygate”… and this week, who knows what “fake news” we’ll see flooding the airwaves.

And while these incidents have sparked a fresh wave of liberal outrage, according to Harvard-educated economist Harry Dent, the seemingly endless attacks on Trump’s presidency are nothing but a smokescreen for something far more devastating.

In fact, according to his new report, all the noise in the media about Trump is doing its job perfectly… and distracting us from what he calls a “secret war” being waged against the American public.

“This is arguably the single most important issue of our era. But you’ll barely hear a word about it on FOX, MSNBC, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, or any other major media outlet,” says Dent.

“But the stark reality is, right now, 51 million households—nearly 43% of all Americans—can’t afford basic necessities like rent, food, childcare, and healthcare. And almost half of all Americans can’t afford a $400 emergency expense. What’s more, 30% of households have zero or negative net worth, which is the highest ever in history!”

And according to Dent, it’s only getting worse.

Ordinary Americans are drowning in debt—and it’s only getting worse.

Dent—one of the world’s leading experts on why (and how) economic bubbles begin, boom, and eventually bust—has accurately predicted many of the worst financial crises of the last thirty years… including the fall of Japan in the early 90s, the housing crisis and market crash of 2008, and the 2011 top in gold and silver prices.

And in his shocking new report, he shows exactly why the U.S. economy is getting ready to fall off a cliff.

“Make no mistake, the U.S. economy is in very dangerous territory. More dangerous than anything we’ve seen since the Great Depression. The stock market will drop by 40% in a matter of months before eventually plummeting by 80%. Residential real estate will drop by 50% OR MORE. Businesses will go bankrupt and jobs will be destroyed by the tens of thousands… and millions of Americans will be forced into inescapable debt.”

But Dent says there’s still time to protect yourself from this upcoming crash if you take action now.

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