The #1 Mistake Even Rich People Make With Money

If you’ve read any book about building wealth or creating passive income… chances are, you’ve heard about this “proven” wealth building strategy.

You were probably told all about how it has great tax advantages, grows in value, provides cash flow, and can sometimes be purchased with zero money down…

In fact, most Americans have more money invested in this asset than in the stock market… and according to a recent Gallup poll, 35% of Americans believe it’s the best long-term investment they can make.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt even once declared “[this investment] cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away… It is about the safest investment in the world.”

But according to Harvard-trained economist Harry Dent, “That’s the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard.”

The investment in question? Real estate.

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“Forget all the fake news you’re hearing about the real estate market being a good investment because of the shortage of inventory and record housing starts,” says Dent in his latest report.

“Because here’s the truth about America none of the corrupt politicians, greedy bankers, or the idiot “experts” on the TV will ever to tell you…”

“The 2006-2009 real estate crisis is FAR from over. In fact, it’s only beginning!”

Harry Dent –– one of the world’s leading experts on why (and how) economic bubbles begin, boom, and eventually bust –– has accurately predicted many of the world’s most important financial turning points over last 30 years… including the fall of Japan in early 90’s, the dot com bubble, the housing crisis and market crash of 2006-2008, and the 2011 surge in gold and silver prices.

And according to his research, we’re only moments away from another devastating real estate crash that could cause American home values to drop by 50% OR MORE!

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“Here’s the thing people don’t understand about real estate. Almost without exception… the biggest economic crises in history have been led by massive speculation in real estate thanks to cheap credit from banks,” says Dent.

“And just like Japan in the 80’s, and the U.S. in the 2000’s, this run-up in real estate and the stock market is just pure fantasy.”

But the major difference this time around?

According to Dent, this next real estate meltdown won’t be a “bottoms up” crisis… meaning middle and lower class Americans who got in over their heads…

Instead, he’s predicting this will be a “top-down” crisis… meaning the high-end luxury market is going to be hit hardest.

That’s right. It’s actually the richest Americans who are going to lose the most money if he’s right about what’s in store for real estate.

“In major market crashes, like the one I’m predicting we’ll see begin to unfold this year, it’s always the richest who get hit the hardest,” says Dent. “They’re the ones who have the most money in over-inflated assets… like real estate and the stock market”

“But even if you aren’t part of the 1%… and even if you don’t own a home or have no intentions of selling your home… the domino effects caused by this upcoming crash most certainly CAN have a dramatic impact on your wealth if you aren’t prepared”

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