Major Shifts Ahead for Real Estate in America

2018 Could See Home Values Drop By 50% or More

“Market bubbles are often a mass delusion, where investors wrongly assume that prices move in only one direction – UP!” says economist Harry Dent. “Nowhere is this delusion clearer than in real estate.”

The man who forecasted the roaring bull market of the 90s, the dot-com crash in the early 2000s, the 2007-2009 financial meltdown and oil’s shocking fall in 2016… is forecasting another major event.

Harry Dent is a Harvard-educated economist, Fortune 100 consultant and bestselling author who focuses his research on what many other economists ignore: demographics and spending.

These are the factors he believes drive every economy and directly affect what the markets will do next – bubble or bust.

Dent also believes, almost without exception, the biggest economic crises in history have been led by massive speculation in real estate over all else.

Watch: Harry Dent offers more evidence of this in his just-released video presentation you can watch instantly right here.

“So many people are desperate to believe this recovery is real,” says Harry Dent. “They truly believe the stock market can continue to climb to record highs and ‘we can all retire rich thanks to the magic of real estate.’”

But, according to Dent, we need to be acutely aware of what will happen when this current real estate bubble bursts, because as his research tells him, “All bubbles end when there are more sellers than buyers.”

Why? “Because there’s simply no escaping America’s demographic destiny.”

Dent’s research also suggests the largest generational cohort in America is looking to sell their homes and cash out for retirement.

The Boomers have been holding off doing this for as long as they could in attempt to recover from the last financial crisis.

“But that’s all about to change,” Dent affirms.

There are three MAJOR problems Harry Dent claims you won’t hear about in the mainstream media that will create massive risks for American homeowners.

“The evidence is overwhelming.”

Watch: Harry Dent reveals the future of the real estate market for homeowners all over America, in this just-released video presentation.