Harvard-Trained Economist: “Expect gold to drop at least 50%”

The growing instability in global and domestic markets has investors anxiously on edge. And, rightfully so.

With consumers feeling the residual effects of the ongoing US-China trade war and military tensions escalating with Iran by the minute, investors are looking for the safest way to avoid what could be an impending global economic collapse.

But, individual investors are not the only ones looking to protect their assets and lock in guaranteed growth despite the shaky geopolitical climate.

Internationally, central banks have been quietly expanding their gold holdings by almost 15% over the past decade. This secret gold hoarding by countries like Russia, China, and Poland is estimated to be worth well over $1.5 trillion.

And, if history repeats itself, as the global economic outlook continues to grow more dire, investors are hoping gold will surge beyond $5,000. And, ahead of the anticipated Fed decision to keep interest rates at record lows, most investors are banking on gold to make a major comeback.

But will it?

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Harvard-trained economist and Fortune 100 consultant Harry Dent is not at all convinced, “We’re about to go through a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence in the upcoming financial crisis that’s the absolute worst possible scenario for gold prices.”

And when Dent makes a prediction, savvy investors take heed.

His unorthodox approach of studying the hidden intricacies of consumer demographics and market trends has enabled him to predict — with uncanny accuracy — nearly all major economic events in the past 35 years — decades before they ever happened.

From calling the 2001 tech crash, to the 2008 subprime financial disaster, and the shocking drop in oil in 2016, Dent’s guidance is the one to follow.

“Gold WILL NOT protect you from what’s about to happen. In fact, my research points to gold collapsing to $700 per ounce… and potentially falling all the way down to $450 per ounce,” Dent explained in a recent presentation.

Just like all bubbles throughout history, this “gold boom” is driven by cheap credit, speculators, and the fear of missing out. That’s why renowned economists like Dent are strongly urging investors to watch for these telltale signs that a steep market correction is imminent.

With his latest and likely most shocking prediction yet, forecasting that gold could lose at least 50% of its value soon, Dent is generating major buzz in investment circles.

And, if his prediction comes to fruition — like his others — the sudden drop in gold prices could have life-changing consequences, especially for retired Baby Boomers.

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Just like Linda and Keith Anderson, both Baby Boomers who invested their retirement and life savings in gold bullion coins only to be stuck, “We waited for it to go back up to a higher price, so we would not lose so much money when we sell it. But, we don’t want to wait too long to see if it goes down even more. We’re just trying to preserve our money.”

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