Harvard Economist Warns: “Housing Prices are About to Collapse”

For Jeff B., a hard-working small business owner in New Hampshire, it was supposed to be just another Tuesday at the office…

But in a single instant, one phone call turned his life completely upside down.

“You need to get home, NOW!” his neighbor said frantically. “There’s a dumpster in your yard, a padlock on your door, and a bunch of guys are ransacking your house!”

Completely panicked, Jeff dropped everything and raced back home.

When he finally arrived, most of his family’s possessions were either in a heap in the front yard or tossed into the dumpster.

Without any warning or notice, the bank had foreclosed on his house and sold it at auction just a few days earlier…

And in a single afternoon, the life he’d worked so hard to build for his wife and three daughters was gone!

It’s a story we’ve heard all too often following the 2008 housing crisis…

And according to Harvard-educated economist Harry Dent, it’s a story we’re going to hear again and again and again in the coming years.

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“Forget all the fake news you’re hearing about the real estate market being a good investment because of the shortage of inventory and record housing starts,” says Dent in his latest report.

“Because here’s the truth about America none of the corrupt politicians, greedy bankers, or the idiot “experts” on the TV will ever to tell you…”

“The 2006-2009 real estate crisis is FAR from over. In fact, it’s only beginning!”

The reason? Housing is more unaffordable today than it ever has been in history.

“Despite all the cheerleading you see coming from mainstream media about the record low unemployment levels and how healthy the American economy is,” says Dent in his latest real estate forecast, “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Because guess who’s been getting all those jobs?

It’s not the Millennials or Gen Xers… it’s the Boomers!

Harry Dent –– one of the world’s leading experts on why (and how) economic bubbles begin, boom, and eventually bust –– has accurately predicted many of the world’s most important financial turning points over last thirty years… including the fall of Japan in early 90’s, the dot com bubble, the housing crisis and market crash of 2006-2008, and the 2011 surge in gold and silver prices.

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And according to his research, we’re only moments away from another devastating real estate crash that could cause American home values to drop by 50% OR MORE!

Watch: To read Harry Dent’s latest real estate briefing… and find out if you’re one of the millions of Americans who could be at risk of suffering in the upcoming crisis… click here now.