Expert Economist: The Disturbing Reason Why the U.S. Economy is on the Brink of Collapse

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently released its latest economic outlook for the coming decade—and it’s not pretty.

Despite short-term stimulus measures like tax cuts and increased government spending—which mostly benefit the richest 1%—the U.S. budget deficit will balloon to $1 trillion by 2020—two years sooner than initial estimates.

And for everyday Americans, it could mean something terrible…

“There has been a concentrated effort by the people who run this country—and the many special interest groups that pull the strings from behind the curtain—to enrich themselves at the expense of the American taxpayer,” says Harvard-educated economist Harry Dent in his latest report.

The top 1% of Americans continue to thrive at the expense of everyday citizens.

“51 million households—nearly 43% of all Americans—can’t afford basic necessities like rent, food, childcare, and healthcare. And almost half of all Americans can’t afford a $400 emergency expense. What’s more, 30% of households have zero or negative net worth, which is the highest ever in history!”

Dent—one of the world’s leading experts on why (and how) economic bubbles begin, boom, and eventually bust—has accurately predicted many of the worst financial crises of the last thirty years… including the fall of Japan in the early 90s, the housing crisis and market crash of 2008, and the 2011 top in gold and silver prices.

And in Dent’s new uncensored briefing, he reveals the shocking evidence behind the imminent crisis about to hit Americans, how the rich plan to profit from it (again), and what you can do to protect yourself from harm.

“According to my research, America is only months away from experiencing a devastating financial crisis,” says Dent. “And the fallout from this upcoming event could change everything about the way you—and countless other people—live their lives going forward.”

Dent is forecasting the stock market to drop by 40% in a matter of months before eventually plummeting by 80%… residential real estate to drop by 50% OR MORE… businesses to go bankrupt and jobs to be destroyed by the tens of thousands…

And millions of Americans will be forced into inescapable debt!

“But you don’t have to be one of them” says Dent. “Because There’s one asset the world’s richest people all turn to in times of crisis… and right now, they are hoarding this asset like they’re preparing for doomsday.”

It’s not gold, or real estate, or any traditional “safe haven” asset you’ll hear about in the mainstream media, from your stockbroker, or financial advisor.

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Despite his urgent warnings, however, Dent says there’s still time to prepare for this looming catastrophe.

“When you understand this upcoming event, including the fundamental reasons driving it, you need not panic. After all, when you’re able to know what’s coming—and position yourself accordingly—the years ahead could be prosperous times.

In fact, I believe more money will be lost—and made—in the 24 months following this event than any other time since the early 1930s… but you’ll need to act fast if you expect to avoid this crash.”

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