Controversial Economist Warns: Markets Face Critical Milestone in 2019

Controversial economist Harry Dent is urging investors to act swiftly…

“For the first time in nearly a century, you have the chance to earn ten times the average annual stock market gain over just a few short months.”

Dent is referring to an event he calls the “Dark Window”.

Much in the same way tens of thousands of investors made a fortune in the 1920s during the “Greatest Bull Market in History,” all before the markets crashed 86% and ushered in the Great Depression, Dent sees a great window of opportunity for American investors today.

“The market surge in 1928, had its share of bumps, similar to sell-offs we saw at the end of 2018. But the smart investors, who weren’t scared away, managed to build wealth to protect them from the darkest financial years in U.S. history,” says Dent.

Dent made his named accurately predicting several major financial events over the last 35 years, including Japan’s lost decade, the early 2000’s bull market, the dot-com collapse, the 2008 meltdown and real estate bubble and oil’s shocking fall in 2016.

Today he’s predicting a critical financial milestone in 2019…

“Once this bull market ends and after so many stocks have hit their historical highs, we’re going to dive headfirst into the greatest financial meltdown in American history… arguably worse than the Great Depression,” Dent says.

Dent wants to urge Americans just how critical it is to take advantage this “Dark Window”  now, to protect the wealth they worked so hard to build, from historic financial downturn he’s forecasting today.

“You need to act now if you want to turn this dangerous situation to your advantage because this will be unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.”

In a controversial video, he recently released privately to his Dent Research subscribers, Dent details exactly what’s fueling this bull market and how investors can take advantage of this “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity before the window closes and the markets turn dangerous. He’s now decided to make this video available to the public, which you can access free of charge, right here.