Controversial Economist Urges Investors: “Familiar Scenario in the Stock Market Points to Big Gains If You Act Now”

The man who warned of the 2001 tech crash, the 2008 subprime financial disaster and oil’s shocking fall in 2016 – years before they happened – has issued a new earth-shattering statement:

“Right now, the markets are giving investors a critical window to rapidly boost their retirement savings before the greatest stock market crash in American history hits.”

Dent explains, “Despite what you’re hearing in a lot of the financial media outlets, this bull market rally for U.S. stocks is not over. In fact, we’re on the verge of a market even larger than anything we’ve seen before.”

In a recent video broadcast, Dent draws comparisons to how the markets looked in 1928, just before the Great Depression when the Dow Jones shot up 76% in just over a year.

“During the surge in 1928, the market had its share of bumps, similar to sell-offs we saw at the end of 2018. But the smart investors, who weren’t scared away, saw tremendous gains on stocks that hit all-time highs,” claims Dent.

These aren’t penny stocks Dent is referencing either.

Exclusive Video: What Happens at this Critical Milestone in the Markets?

General Motors (GM), Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and General Electric (GE) are all notoriously known as stocks that soared during the what’s called “Greatest Bull Market in History” in the late 1920s.

“Investors who jumped into companies like these in 1928 had the opportunity to make huge fortunes before the crash in 1929, and I believe we’re looking at the exact same situation today,” says Dent

The situation he is referring to is an opportunity he calls the “Dark Window”.

According to Dent, the ‘Dark Window’ is a brief moment in the markets where you can make as much as ten times the average annual stock market gain with the right stocks.

“In the next 12 months, making the right moves could grow you fabulously wealthy like the tens of thousands of new millionaires who were minted during the last ‘Dark Window’ of the 1920s.”

But Dent urges investors to act swiftly: “Just like in 1929 when the bull market ended with an 89% drop of the stock market, I expect this ‘Dark Window’ to close with a catastrophic market crash of its own, which could be even worse.”

In a controversial video, he recently released privately to his Dent Research subscribers, Dent details exactly what’s fueling this bull market and how investors can take advantage of this “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity before the window closes and the markets turn dangerous. He’s now decided to make this video available to the public, which you can access free of charge, right here.