American Home Values Are About to Be Cut in Half

The man who warned of the 2001 tech crash, the 2008 subprime financial disaster and China’s recent stock market decline – years before they happened – has issued a new earth-shattering statement:

“Home Values Will Lose 30% – 60% of Their Value in 2017.”


The global financial markets continue to panic amidst the uncertainty of what president-elect Donald Trump will do now that he’s in the White House.

With a republican controlled congress, investors fear that President Trump will be able to make good on many of his campaign promises…

And several analysts are suggesting that his economic plans will quickly send the U.S. into the recession he has promised to dodge.

But according to a recent report by renowned Harvard economist Harry Dent, the U.S. is about to enter into an economic crisis that NO president could have stopped… and it’s all thanks to the collapse of an asset investors around the world thought was safe again…

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“If you thought 2008 was bad for real estate, or for stocks, or for your business, this is going to last longer and be deeper. It’s not a question of ‘if’ this is going to happen; it’s simply a question of ‘when.’ And the signs I’m seeing are saying it’s going to happen a lot sooner rather than later,” emphasized Harry Dent in a recent interview. 

Housing prices and rental prices have skyrocketed over the past several years as investors have been fleeing the volatile markets in search of safe havens.

real-estate-chartAccording to Dent, the “lower for longer” interest rate environment has largely fueled this bubble and the potential December rate hike is beginning to send shock-waves through the broader markets.

“We’re a market that is run by central banks right now,” said Bret Chesney, portfolio manager at Alpine Global, noting that comments from Fed officials have driven most recent moves in the stock market.

“Central banks have totally taken over the financial markets,” Dent says. “By setting short- and long-term market rates, you affect the valuations of all other assets. Real estate is directly impacted by that. This keeps the economy from re-balancing. These little crashes and corrections and recessions are like a common cold. They come now and then to clear out your system and make you healthier.”

“So the more this doesn’t happen, the more unhealthy you get. The more they push down interest rates and prevent recessions and make the world seem risk-free, the more everybody speculates. People speculate in bubbles everywhere, anyway. The longer stocks go up, the more real estate goes up, the more people ask: ‘Why am I working so hard? Why don’t I get rich speculating?’”

This rampant speculation has lead to the formation of the biggest bubble in human history… and Dent believes it’s going to finally burst in 2017, wiping out trillions of dollars in the process!

Editor’s Note: To watch Harry Dent’s latest – and highly controversial – interview…click here now

The Dow will drop to 6,000 – and eventually stumble all way down to 3,300…

Gold will crumble to $700/oz…

Housing prices will fall 30-50%…

Everyone – from the ultra-rich to everyday investors – will get wiped out if they’re not prepared!

Dent’s forecast most certainly goes against popular opinion, but this isn’t the first time he’s accurately made a call like this.

Every single one of his on-the-money money predictions, like the demise of Japan in the early 90’s, the top of the tech bubble in 2000, the real estate crisis in 2008, and his most recent call of the 2011 peak of gold and silver prices.. have been met with vocal opposition from the mainstream media.

But his research shows that this historic downturn is inevitable. It will also create the single greatest wealth building opportunity of our lifetime.

Investors who see this crash coming and prepare accordingly could make a fortune in a few short years.

To watch Harry Dent’s latest – and highly controversial – presentation… click here now.

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