“Oddly Accurate” Economist Predicts the Next Major Market Event

When it comes to predicting major market moves, no one has a better track record than Harvard-trained economist Harry Dent. And, with the news cycle spelling doom in every direction, all signs are pointing to Dent’s prediction of a major market crash by Christmas 2019 coming true.

As investors looked on in dismay, with the markets plummeting nearly 1,000 points following the Yuan’s devaluation, even mainstream financial analysts didn’t see that coming.

But, Dent has been forecasting this exact market crash scenario for years now. And, as his prediction plays out with uncanny accuracy, savvy investors should take note.

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“You’ll rarely hear any economist, academic, or politician talk about this… and that’s because they don’t understand this one simple truth,” warns Dent.

“See spending – NOT government policies – is what really drives EVERY economy. And with my refined research – and the historical data behind it – I’m 100% sure, if you know how to ride the wave of what is coming next you could quickly multiply your money by 10x, 20x, even 100x in just a few short years.”

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Dent’s economic guidance and “on the money” calls have been spot on for more than 30 years. From the roaring 90s bull market and the eventual dot com crash of the early 2000s… the real estate bubble a few years after that… the 2008 financial meltdown… gold’s recent slump along with the dollar’s rally… and oil’s shocking fall in 2016… he has never missed a major shift in the market.

That’s why he’s anticipating, for smart investors, if they know how the economic cycle works and follows his recommendations, they could easily set themselves up to receive a massive windfall of wealth.

Harry Dent has put together a brief report detailing exactly what he predicts will happen to investments by December 2019. If you have any money in the market, you can’t afford not to know this information. Click here to learn how to access the full free report.