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Economy & Markets is the first e-letter of its kind that uses the power of demographic trends and purchasing power to accurately identify economic and market boom and busts. Each weekday, Harry Dent and the Dent Research team share their views on demographic trends, stock market research, the housing market, different economic, market and business cycles, and the looming market crash.

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Trump, Treasurys, and You

The thing about politics is nobody knows anything. We learned that in November 2016. There’s a particularly high degree of “know-nothingness” in Washington these days. That creates a lot of uncertainty. Markets are reacting to it… and that’s really good news for us, actually, because it makes our work that much easier. I don’t much...

Why This China-U.S. Trade War Could Last 20 Years

I agree with him! The richest man in China, Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma, reckons the trade war is the beginning of a long-term battle for supremacy between China and the U.S. He’s sees no effective short-term solution to this big global issue. China needs to strengthen its economy to fulfill its long-term shift to stronger...

Dow 30,000 or Dow 6,000?

The Trump rally into January 2018 looked like the classic final blow-off top. It had been advancing in a clear channel, then it broke above that in a classic “overthrow” pattern, followed by a sharp correction. Was that the beginning of the final and greatest crash? Maybe not, which is why I detailed, in the...

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