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Economy & Markets is the first e-letter of its kind that uses the power of demographic trends and purchasing power to accurately identify economic and market boom and busts. Each weekday, Harry Dent and the Dent Research team share their views on demographic trends, stock market research, the housing market, different economic, market and business cycles, and the looming market crash.

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The Death of a Dream, Part 2

In I showed how Japan’s first and more massive real estate bubble peaked in 1991. And then showed how it crashed right along our bubble model into 2013. The difference was, it never bounced. Even when its Millennial generation came along to buy houses again. A rise of “dyers” (sellers) were offsetting the rise of...

“The Amazon Tax”

Recently the Supreme Court overruled previous decisions that said states couldn’t require companies without a physical location in their state to collect sales tax. Now, online retailers must collect sales tax based on the consumer’s location, no matter where the retailer resides. Before I get to what this means to Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) and others,...

Economic Seesaw: Inflation Up, Spending Down

Is the global trade war heating up, or has President Trump positioned America to make itself great again? Despite his bluster and penchant for causing angst among enemies and allies alike, Trump’s tactics seem to be working. China seems ready to negotiate on trade, while Europe seems to have conceded on increasing military spending to...

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