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Bestselling author and financial guru Harry Dent shows the Great Bubble Burst of 2017 can make you RICH!

Over Harry Dent’s three and a half decades spent studying cycles, he recognizes they all have the same characteristics. They all have hierarchies. They all have seasons. And they all bubble up and end in a terrible burst. Since 2008, we’ve been in the economic winter season. It’s during this season that we clear the decks with a devastating crash and debilitating deflation. The economy and markets shed the excesses created during the preceding economic fall bubble boom season and prepare the soil for new blossoming in innovation and a spring boom. After the blustering bull market of 2009-2015, we are now preparing for a shakeout more painful than anything we’ve seen before. We have seven years of unprecedented government stimulus and money creation to thank for stretching this bubble beyond imagination and making the burst more painful than anything we’ve ever experienced. Winter follows fall without fail (and in the pages in this book, Harry will prove it). So, the purpose of this book is to protect you from the carnage ahead and allow you to both survive and prosper instead. Harry shows you what makes the years after a massive bubble reset so valuable to investors and businesses ready to make the most of the opportunities that fall from the sky. Bursting bubbles have made many investors breathtakingly rich. Taking advantage of the fire sales after a major crash is how you can create “extreme wealth” in a short period of time! Harry explains how they did it, and then how you can do it too. Harry also teaches you how to predict when bubbles will crash, and the short-term signs that a great crash already began in mid-2015 and is likely to accelerate into the second half of 2016 forward. This next and final bubble crash will impact your life and business more than any financial crisis in your lifetime! It’s vital you see what’s going on and take action.